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Due to the unprecedented demand for winter tyres over the past two years, we strongly recommend you order your winter tyres now - without delay. These can be stored at our premises ready for a cold snap so you can then call in at your convenience and have them fitted. As prices are continuing to rise and demand expected to greatly outstrip supply - telephone us now to insure you have continuous safe driving all year round.

Winter driving advice.

With the onset of Winter, both weather and consequently road conditions change significantly. In continental Europe, drivers recognise the "7 degree rule" which recommends that they change to cold weather tyres when the outside temperature drops to 7 degrees or below. Weather forecasts normally measure the temperature at a ground level of two meters. In Winter the road surface temperature - especially in the mornings or late evening - can be far below this air temperature. Since cold weather tyres perform better than Summer tyres at low temperatures, cold weather tyres may offer distinct advantages even when the air temperatures are above freezing.

Winter driving tips.

Drivers should always adjust their speed and driving style taking account of the prevailing Winter weather and road conditions. Carrying the right winter equipment can also help make the journey more pleasant and safer:

  • Ice Scraper
  • Starter jump-leads
  • Winter gloves and a warm jacket
  • A warm blanket
  • A touch and ideally a flash-light in case of emergency
  • De-icer both in the car and outside in case the locks freeze
In addition, drivers should ensure first aid kits, high-vis jackets and the warning triangle are on board, as always.

Winter tyre Myths

Myth 1

Cold weather tyres are expensive.

Truth: Generally, there is not a big price difference between Summer and cold weather tyres.

Myth 2

Cold weather tyres do not perform very well at high speeds.

Truth: Modern cold weather tyres ensure high performance levels for driving at high speeds.

Myth 3

Cold weather tyres make driving uncomfortable.

Truth: Cold weather tyres allow a comfortable journey on all surfaces.

Myth 4

SUV and 4x4 cars do not need cold weather tyres.

Truth: SUV cars in particular, should be fitted with cold weather tyres.

Myth 5

Brand new Summer tyres are good enough for all Winter conditions since they have sufficient tread depth.

Truth: Cold weather tyres perform significantly better on Winter roads than Summer tyres.

Please watch this space for more information on winter tyres and winter driving tips. WE OFFER WINTER TYRES IN A SELECTION OF BRANDS:-Goodyear

  • Pirelli
  • Hankook
  • Save
  • Dunlop
  • Cooper / Avon

and many more.

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